Vintage Letters to Santa Written Between 1870-1920

Santa Claus’ mailbox is overflowing with letters this time of year; after all, he receives more mail than any other figure in the world. But did you know that the ritual of children writing letters to Santa dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century?

Featuring over a hundred letters written to Santa between 1870 and 1920, the book Dear Santa captures the spirit and emotions of children from times past. Here are some of our favorite letters from the collection!

Dear Santa

1870 – Hillsboro, Ohio
Dear Santa Claus,
I never hung up my stocking, because I didn’t know. Will you excuse it? Please don’t forget to come here this time. I will hang it on the outside of the door, and grandma’s too. So you won’t have to come down the chimney. It’s very dirty. And I won’t peep. You’ll know grandma’s, because it is blue.

1888 – Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dear, Good Santa Claus:
Brother and I send you fifty cents (50c) to help buy things for poor little children who have no papa and mamma. We are happy ourselves and we want others to be happy. We wish you and everybody a merry Christmas.
Laurinda and Edwin

1896 – Lincoln, Nebraska
Dear santa Caus:
I want a big doll and a doll carriage and a tablet.
0 0 0
0 0 0
these are kisses

1913 – San Francisco, California
Dear Santa Claus,
bring me three drumsticks—two for my drum and one for my mouth.
Little Tommy

1917 – El Paso, Texas
Last Year I wrote a nice letter, and you never answered it. I told you to bring me a little baby sister. So please send her to me this year. Also a pair of real diamond earrings for my mamma.

– – –

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