Win a Kitchen Makeover Worth $3,500

A lot goes down in the kitchen. Sure, it’s a place for preparing food, but it’s also always the most populated spot at any party, and a place where a lot of dreaming happens about things beyond the weekly meal plan. Maybe it’s time to give the nerve center of your home a little attention.

Luckily, we’re partnering with some brands that love food as much as we do to bring you a kitchen makeover giveaway worth $3,500: Tasting Table, Mouth, The Kitchn, 20×200, and Photojojo.

Here’s what you could get:

  • $500 to
  • $1,300 Kitchenware package
  • $250 toward gourmet groceries
  • $500 for new art (from 20×200)
  • $500 to update your cookbook collection (courtesy of Chronicle Books, of course)
  • $500 for photo goodies (from Photojojo)

So enter here for a chance to win and start dreaming.

Win a Kitchen Makeover

Kathryn Jaller

Kathryn Jaller

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