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The Desert and the Cities Sing

Today marks the release of The Desert and the Cities Sing, a veritable treasure box of sights and stories from contemporary Israel and the artists, educators, and innovators that call it home. With four books, high-quality photo prints, filmic assets, and even a limited-edition scarf, it’s a package with the richness of the country it explores. This exploration is guided by authors Lin Arison and Diana C. Stoll along with sumptuous images of life and land in the region. Here is a preview of Neil Folberg’s frameable photography portfolio portraying landscapes which in his words, “molded by time and by nature, contain hints of human history.”


Nahal Pratzim and Dead Sea, Full Moon, 2012


Beit She’an Valley, 2012


Nahal Dragot and Dead Sea, 2012


Judean Desert, Nahal Michmash and Nahal Parat, 2012


Modi’in, Site of Ancient Maccabean City, 2012

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Lead image by Neil Folberg, Einot Tzukim, Sweet Water Springs Flowing to the Dead Sea, 2012

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