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The Doodling Contest That Sparked Hundreds of Entries Worldwide

While many would say that doodling is only useful for staying awake during 4pm meetings, artist Nate Padavick might say differently. His new drawing pad Doodle Theory features hundreds of “starter squiggles,” challenging doodlers to see multiple drawing possibilities that could stem from one simple squiggle.

Doodle Theory drawings

To launch his inventive new drawing pad, Nate hosted The $3700 Doodle Theory Contest, asking artists around the world to submit their finest doodles using eight different starter squiggles.

Starter Doodles

The response was phenomenal. More than 500 entries were collected through the Instagram hashtag #doodletheory, and contestants hailed from North Carolina to Puerto Rico to Namibia (where Turipamwe Design Studio even hosted an event called The Doodle Sessions to bring creative locals together to draw).

Here are some of the winning doodles:

The Grand OMG Prize: The Most Amazing Doodle. Ever!

Doodle Theory- Nivea Ortiz
By Nivea Ortiz @nivea_ortiz

The AWW Prize: The Cutest Wittle Doodle

Doodle Theory- Sheila Zwettler
By Sheila Zwettler @sheila_zwettler_art

The WOW Prize: The Most Perfectly Drawn Doodle

Doodle Theory- Thao Mai
Drawn by Thao Mai @snail_is_silent

The HUH Prize: The Weirdest Doodle I’ve Ever Seen

Doodle Theory- Gabriella Vagnoli
By Gabriella Vagnoli @gabriella_vagnoli

The AHA Prize: The Most Clever Doodle

Doodle Theory- Melissa Tan
By Melissa Tan @paintinks_by_melt

The YAY Prize: The Happiest Doodle Filled With Good Energy

Doodle Theory_Teddy Mmasi
By Teddy Mmasi @thenativetee


And here are some very honorable mentions:

Doodle Theory- Alison Kolesar
By Alison Kolesar @alisonkolesar
Doodle Theory- Carol Rollo
By Carol Rollo @carol.rollo
Doodle Theory- Carlos Ginatta
By Carlos Ginatta @cginatta
Doodle Theory- Choc Ye
By Choc Ye @choc_ye
Doodle Theory-Leticia Plate
By Leticia Plate @leticiaplate
Doodle Theory- Jennifer Reynolds
By Jennifer Reynolds @jennyreynoldspdx

The doodling possibilities are truly endless! Get your own doodle on with Doodle Theory, available now.

Sarah Lin Go

Sarah handles marketing for art books and stationery at Chronicle Books. You will often find her buying too many stationery products, cracking up about everything, and snacking on Haribo gummies.
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