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Grab a Slice of These Pizza Party Notecards

Something that makes Chronicle Books a special place to work is that often many of our new product ideas come from our colleagues. We don’t just publish titles from outside authors—we also frequently brainstorm new product ideas in-house, and then get to turn some of our best ideas into reality!

The idea for Pizza Party notecards was born when our project team was chatting over a pizza lunch and decided, naturally, that we should make notecards that look like pizza. We’d recently made a set of taco notecards, and we figured that pizza is another universally beloved food, and a slice is an easy shape to die-cut from paper. We were sold on the idea once we realized that we could also engineer the notecard box to look like a classic pizza box.

Pizza Party! Notecards

Pizza Party Notecards

We started the project by taking a research field trip to collect visual reference. As you can imagine, it was a grueling day visiting various pizzerias around San Francisco.

Field Trip: Pasquale's Pizzeria Pasquale's Pizza sign

This adorable personal pizza box from local favorite Pasquale’s was an inspiration for our box.

Pasquale's pizza box inspiration

After that, we made some prototypes and worked with our vendors to get dummies of the cards, envelopes, and box. We hired photographer Angie Cao and food stylist Alexa Hyman to do a photoshoot of the four types of pizza we’d decided to feature on our cards: cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and Hawaiian.

It’s always fun to see how food stylists work magic to make food look delicious while it’s sitting out for hours. For pizza, some special tricks involved painting oil on the crust and toppings to keep them glistening, and using a clothing steamer so the cheese would stay gooey.

Photoshoot for the Pizza Party Notecards Photoshoot for the Pizza Party Notecards

I had them shoot full pizzas so that later during the design process I’d be able to select the perfect slice, and have bleed included so the photo would be able to go to the edge of the card.

Once we had the photos, I set to work on the design of the cards, envelopes, box, and sticker sheet. I pored over images of classic pizza box designs and tried to come up with something that would look authentic, but still feel like a gift product. I worked up loads of box cover options—these were a few favorites that didn’t make the cut:

Pizza Party Cover Options

Some of the final fun touches include an envelope that mimics a paper plate, and a sticker sheet of extra toppings to customize your notecard. As you can see, this was truly a passion project, and we are so excited that this impromptu idea is now a reality for fellow pizza lovers to discover!

Pizza Party Notecards

Pizza Party Notecards

If you’d like to order a box of the Pizza Party notecards, get 30% off plus free shipping with the code DESIGNDESK. Buon appetito!

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Photos by Irene Kim Shepherd and Emily Dubin

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