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15 Books that Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

Gifts for the dad that picks you up—way up—when you’re down. Get 30% off and free shipping on our site with code FATHERSDAY.

Here are our favorite Father’s Day (or anytime) picks for 2017:


Perhaps something he can read with the kids…

Children's books perfect for dad

Papasaurus by Stephan Lomp and You And Me, Me and You by Miguel Tanco

In the sweet story of Papasaurus, Babysaurus is looking for his dad and turns to his prehistoric friends to help find him; You and Me, Me and You touches upon the lessons that a child teaches a father—a lifetime of learning and love.


…or something that taps into his hobbies.

Books for Dad's hobbies

Words to Ride By by Michael Carabetta, A Brief History of Surfing by Matt Warshaw, and Mastering Homebrew by Randy Mosher

Whether it’s biking, surfing, or brewing an IPA, these books will have your dad both reading and doing things.


Maybe something for him to jot his thoughts down…

Unique notebooks for Dad

The Box by Brian McMullen and Pad of Butter

Let your dad relish in thinking inside the box for once, or enjoy the punny Pad of Butter notepad.


…or for you to write to him.

Lea Redmond's Letters to My Dad

Letters to My Dad by Lea Redmond

This book of twelve letters (ten prompted, two blank) makes it easy to show Dad how much you care. Once filled out, sealed, and postdated, the letters become handwritten time capsules.


Something he can cook (or juice)…

Cookbooks for Dad

Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook by Robb Walsh and Juice Manifesto by Andrew Cooper

Give your dad the gift of delicious barbecue and secrets of veteran Texas pitmasters, or give him over a hundred different juice and smoothie recipes. Or both.


…or something you can bake for him.

Muffins and Biscuits

Muffins and Biscuits by Heidi Gibson

Whether slathered with mouthwatering homemade spreads or savored just as they are, muffins and biscuits are comfort food at its finest.


Something that stretches to lands faraway…

Travel books for Dad

Explorers’ Sketchbooks by Kari Herbert and Huw Lewis-Jones and An Atlas of Countries That Don’t Exist by Nick Middleton

Get a peek inside sketchbooks kept by legendary men and women as they journeyed perilous and unknown environments, or explore countries that lack international recognition, existing on the margins of legitimacy in the global order.


…or stays comfortably at home.

Cocktail book for Dad

Shake. Stir. Sip. by Kara Newman

Some of the best cocktails are the easiest to make, and author Kara Newman figured out the secret—using equal parts of the main ingredients and adding a dash of bitters or a splash of seltzer to gild the lily.


Or maybe you just want to let him know how great he is.

The Greatness of Dads

The Greatness of Dads by Kirsten Matthew

The Greatness of Dads celebrates the unique bond between dads and their children in an unforgettable book that showcases the universal threads of fatherhood: love, discipline, responsibility, fun, embarrassment, sadness, and joy.


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You can browse more picks here—use the code FATHERSDAY to get 30% off and free shipping. Offer expires 6/18/17.

Jenna Homen

Content and Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found painting, cooking, camping, or petting her dog Harley. You can follow her on Twitter at @jn_na.
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