What Invisible Activities Are These Cats Doing? You Decide!

Cats lead very busy lives. But what exactly are they doing? Cate Anevski’s new book, Invisible Cat Activities, helps you imagine what might not be visible to the naked eye. Is your cat stretching or could she be dancing flamenco? Reclining on the floor or reciting Shakespeare? Lying peacefully on his back or orbiting into space?

This irresistibly adorable, complete-the-drawing book presents dozens of illustrations of cats engaged in invisible pastimes and activities, just waiting for you to finish each scene.

Invisible Cat Activities

It’s time for the world to see what cats are really up to, so we have a challenge for you.

Download this page from the book, complete the drawing, and share your result using the hashtag #invisiblecatactivities online (or by sending it to contests@chroniclebooks.com) for a chance to win a copy of Invisible Cat Activities and Bright Ideas Double-Ended Colored Brush Pens.

Invisible Cat Activities: Downloadable

Invisible Cat Activities

Submit your drawing by 10/7/17 at midnight PT. USA-only.


For some inspiration, check out the video above. Best of luck!

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