Cat Lady Old Maid: A Feline Twist on the Classic Game

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the classic card game Old Maid—you try to match as many cards as possible and not be left with the odd card out. But the concept of an “Old Maid” card is a bit problematic and dated. I mean, aiming to not end as the single and seemingly undesirable old lady? Let’s not do this.

So…what if we changed the game around? What if instead of trying to get rid of the Old Maid card, you wanted to keep her around? Oh, and what if she was a cool Cat Lady instead?

Welcome to the world of Cat Lady Old Maid.

Cat Lady Old Maid

Megan Lynn Kott is the illustrator of these adorable cards, but this isn’t her first fur-ay (sorry, had to) into drawing kitties—you might recognize her work from her temporary tattoo set Cattoos or her Claws for Celebration notecards.

The game is largely the same as the classic. You shuffle the cards and deal them out, and everyone takes out any pairs they have. The player to the left of the dealer plucks a card from the dealer’s hand and hopes for a match (or, of course, the Cat Lady). The game continues until all the cards are gone, and only one remains…yes, you guessed it, the Cat Lady. The person with that card is the winner.

Warning: you will be tempted to get distracted when looking into the eyes of the cute feline friends, like Colonel Snuggle Bottoms and Gingerfoot.

Cat Lady Old Maid

Cat Lady Old Maid

But keep your eye on the prize: this cool gal who doesn’t need the approval of a patriarchal society.

Cat Lady Old Maid


Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, Cat Lady Old Maid is sure to delight.

Jenna Homen

Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found cooking, camping, or in a museum. You can follow her on Twitter at @jn_na.
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