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How to Have Gouda Ideas

This extra-cheesy hunk of notepaper is the secret to having gouda ideas. Here’s a step-by-step guide to delicious thoughts:


Step 1: Unwrap the Gouda Ideas notepad

Gouda Ideas

No refrigeration needed, and no expiration date, either. Ideas are always fresh.


Step 2: Slice off a sheet (or just pull it off like a normal person)

Gouda Ideas

Use a knife if you’re feeling extra.

Gouda Ideas

Or just use your hands. Follow your heart.


Step 3: Draw/write your deepest desires

Gouda Ideas



That’s it. Have a gouda day!

Gouda Ideas

– – –

You can find Gouda Ideas here.

Maybe pair it with the Pad of Butter, or Coffee Notes. Or the Card Catalog. We have a lot of things that look like other things.

Jenna Homen

Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found cooking, camping, or in a museum. You can follow her on Twitter at @jn_na.
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