5 Recipe Pairings to Level Up Your Game Night

If staying in sounds like the perfect weekend activity, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our newest games, paired with delicious recipes from our latest cookbooks.

Hosting a game night has never been easier—simply pick your pairing, invite your friends over, and prepare for making game night a regular occurrence.

The Game: Cat Lady Old Maid

Pair with: Smoked Trout Canapés from Little Book of Jewish Appetizers | Recipe

Cat Lady Old Maid

Cat Lady Old Maid

Host a classic game night with a twist: play rounds of Cat Lady Old Maid while feasting on tasty trout canapés from Leah Koenig’s Little Book of Jewish Appetizers.

This thoroughly modern twist on the classic card game has players racing to end up as the awesome Cat Lady, not the dated “Old Maid.” Match a cute collection of feline friends, like Fluffer Nutter, Aaron Purr, and Chip—the player with the Cat Lady card at the end wins.

The Game: Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game

Pair with: Country Scones from Zingerman’s BakehouseRecipe

Great Shakespearean Deaths

Games + Eats

For a classy affair, why not pair the Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game with some sophisticated Country Scones from Zingerman’s Bakehouse?

Who had the greatest last words, and what were they? Who enjoyed the slowest, most tedious death? Who had it coming more than anyone else? From the celebrated comedy ensemble Spymonkey and acclaimed illustrator Chris Riddell, this hilariously morbid (and informative) card game has players trying to outdo one another using everyone’s favorite Shakespearean construct: the amazing deaths.

The Game: Paint Chip Poetry

Pair with: Fruit Mashes from Bäco | Recipes

Paint Chip Poetry

Paint Chip Poetry

Bring some color into your game night with this combo of Lea Redmond’s Paint Chip Poetry and these nonalcoholic fruit mashes from Bäco by Josef Centeno and Betty Hallock.

Composing a poem is easy and fun with this colorful and creative game—players draw handfuls of paint chips and a prompt card, then rearrange the chips to create spontaneous poems out of the color names, with results that range from profound to hilarious.

The Games: After Dinner Amusements

Pair with: Chocolate Espresso Pie Bars from Feed the Resistance | Recipe

Feed the Resistance

If you’re looking for sweet games and treats post-dinner, After Dinner Amusements and these Chocolate Espresso Pie Bars from Julia Turshen’s Feed the Resistance are the perfect solution. Bonus: the game tins are small enough to fit in your pocket and bring to friends’ dinner parties.

Get Smart: 50 Trivia Questions
Featuring brain-busting trivia questions about history, geography, pop culture, and more, this deck makes for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family.

Do You Remember?: 50 Questions to Share Memories
Use these thought-provoking questions about players’ pasts to spark sweet memories and lively discussions.

Family Time: 50 Conversation Starters
Inspire conversations with these thoughtful and playful questions about the past, present, and future.

Truth or Dare for Couples: 50 Questions and Challenges
And for something a little saucier, these 50 truths and dares are perfect for couples looking for after-dinner fun.

The Game: Donner Dinner Party

Pair with: Johnny Trigg’s Spareribs from Legends of Texas Barbecue | Recipe

Donner Dinner Party DonnerDinnerParty

Sink your teeth into Donner Dinner Party, a board game of frontier cannibalism, and this mouth-watering barbecue recipe from Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook by Robb Walsh.

Who’s safe when there are cannibals hiding among you? That’s the question at the heart of this fast-paced game of social deduction in which cannibals and pioneers face off in a fight for survival. Set in the winter of 1846, players are members of the ill-fated Donner Party wagon train, stranded atop a mountain with no food. Who will avoid becoming tonight’s dinner and make it off the mountain alive? Find out when you invite your friends to play this delightfully wicked party game.

Bonus: add another festive twist to your game night by sending out these Donner Dinner Party-themed invites.

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Now get out there and host a delicious game night. Have fun, and good luck!

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