A Day in the Life of Juniper: The Happiest Fox

Juniper has captured the hearts of millions on Instagram, but what’s it really like to live with a fox? We asked Juniper’s owner, Jessika Coker, to give us a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day in the life of a fox (and her animal friends). Hint: there’s never a dull moment.

For more on Juniper’s life and the story behind her adoption, check out Juniper: The Happiest Fox.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox

Have you ever been curious about what life would be like if you lived with your favorite childhood animal? Maybe that animal was an otter, a wolf, or maybe it was a fox. While the idea of living with a wild animal may seem whimsical and like a fairy tale, the reality of it can be much different!

Juniper, a red fox, was adopted at an early age, and since she could not live in the wild she was raised with people. Her life was intended to be similar to the natural life of a fox; she was given a large outdoor enclosure and a natural diet. Juniper, however, decided she wanted to live a much more pampered life and became the queen bee of her new household. Instead of living in a den outside, she preferred cozying up in fluffy white bedspreads. Now, almost three years later, she still prefers her lavish lifestyle and spends her days with her handsome dog boyfriend, Moose, and her adopted baby, another red fox, named Fig.

Here’s a typical day for Juniper:



The start of Juniper’s day. A late start for most people, but when you’re a fox, beauty sleep is priority.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox


The best way to start any day is with exercise. After a quick stretch it’s time for sprints through the house. Fig is a great personal trainer and encourages her daily to reach new record speeds.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox


After a quick snack and a few messy gulps of water, it’s time to go outside. This is her prime time for conference meetings with the neighborhood birds, digging holes to bury snacks, and sunbathing for the rest of the afternoon.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox


Juniper and Fig normally make their way back inside the house around this time. After a hard day at work they like to crawl under the bed for a late afternoon nap. This is the time of day when the queen needs her space—she can get quite testy when she’s sleepy.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox


Dinner time. After waking up from a delightful, much-needed nap, it’s finally the best time of the day. Entrees include: quail, turkey, carrots, peaches, and just a few bits of diced sweet potato.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox


It’s family time. Juniper loves to spend this time with the other animals. Everyone cuddles up on the couch and we watch a movie and relax before bed.

Juniper: The Fox


The human is trying to sleep so it’s the perfect time for Juniper to focus on how to be a fox. FULL ON FOX TIME. Activities include: practicing digging and pouncing skills on the bed, ripping up the carpet, trying to eat the electrical outlets off of the walls, screaming, refusing to go outside, refusing to sleep, burying snacks right under the human while she tries to sleep, annoying the dog, and a newly acquired skill…jumping on the counters.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox

After a busy day Juniper finally cuddles up in the bed to go to sleep. Although living with inherently wild animals isn’t always easy, and you don’t always get enough sleep, every day is perfect.

– – –

Juniper: The Happiest Fox

For more photos and insight into Juniper’s life, be sure to check out Juniper: The Happiest Fox.

All photos courtesy of Jessika Coker

Jessika Coker

Jessika Coker

Jessika Coker is an artist, entrepreneur, and the owner of Juniper. She handles all of Juniper's social media, and is currently starting an animal sanctuary in the south.
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  • Rebecca May 15, 2018 at 7:38 am

    I so admire you for making that commitment to Juniper and her sidekick, Fig, as well as Moose. What a charmed life they all lead, as well they should. God Bless you for all that you do for the animals.


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