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7 Books That Make Perfect College Graduation Gifts

A time of pride, joy, and often uncertainty—graduation season is here. From funny to sincere, these books will help usher your graduate into the post-college world. Read on for our picks!

Mr. Boddington’s Etiquette

By Mr. Boddington’s Studio


Welcome to the real world—the one with things like wedding parties (how many gifts do I need to get?), invitations (how to I address a letter again?), and general civilities that might have been forgotten after all the frat parties. Mr. Boddington’s is here to help. Find it here


If I Could Tell You Just One Thing…

By Richard Reed, illustrations by Samuel Kerr

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing...

If great advice is what you seek to give, look no further than If I Could Tell You Just One Thing…. This handy book curates invaluable wisdom from fifty of today’s most remarkable, diverse, and influential voices. Find it here


Kitchen Confidant: An Indispensable Guide for the Baker, Drinker, and Cook

Kitchen Confidant

Kitchen Confidant is the key to kitchen confidence, packed with reference material like weight-to-volume conversions, stocking a baker’s tool kit, where to store things in the fridge, and more. Find it here


How to Swear: An Illustrated Guide

By Stephen Wildish


Sure, the college grad has put in the time dedicated to swearing, but now that they’re entering the workforce, it’s time for them hone in on their craft in an elegant, professional way. How to Swear is here to help. Find it here


The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You

By Josh Richman + Anish Sheth, illustrated by Peter Arkle + Matt Johnstone


A perfect balance of a gag gift and genuinely informative, The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You is a nice pick for the jokester who perhaps only plans on reading on the toilet from now on. Find it here


Recipes for Good Luck: The Superstitions, Rituals, and Practices of Extraordinary People

By Ellen Weinstein


The end of college is a great time to develop a new habit that isn’t playing flip cup—Recipes for Good Luck is a collection of the rituals and quirks of successful people throughout history. Find it here


New Horizons: The Art of Wandering

By Shirin Sahba

If wanderlust is in your grad’s future, New Horizons is a beautiful gift and a lovely nod to the new adventures in store—this vibrant and entrancing book invites readers on a journey around the world.

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Congratulations, grads. Enjoy it.

Jenna Homen

Jenna Homen

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