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A VIP Tour of Snoop Dogg’s Pantry

You’ve seen Snoop Dogg work his culinary magic on VH1’s Emmy-nominated Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, and now, he’s all up in your kitchen…with his first cookbook!

From Crook to Cook Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen features 50 recipes straight from Snoop’s own collection: staples like Baked Mac & Cheese and Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips, classic weeknight faves like Soft Flour Tacos and Easy Orange Chicken, to upper echelon fare such as Lobster Thermidor and Filet Mignon. Oh, and his favorite Gin and Juice recipes, naturally.

The book also dives into Snoop’s favorite munchies (like Starbursts and Fritos Honey BBQ Twists), must-have groceries in the fridge, and the pantry staples we’re sharing below. Whatever you’re craving, the Doggfather’s got you covered.

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Snoop Dogg’s Top 10 Pantry Staples

From Crook to Cook Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

1. Lemon Pepper

I can’t handle no bland chicken, so I like to throw a little lemon pepper on my wings. Shout out to my man Rick Ross—he knows what’s up with that lemon pepper! You can’t go wrong with that McCormick brand.

2. Seasoning Salt

Let me sprinkle you with a little game right quick. Seasoning salt is a blend of paprika, turmeric, onion, and garlic, a classic you can add to anything. In the Boss Dogg’s kitchen, the pantry wouldn’t be complete without it! Splurge a little and get you some of that Lawry’s.

3. Hot Sauce

I’m down with all kind of sauces as you can see, but hot sauce has gotta be the most essential. Now everybody’s got their favorite brand, but Tha Dogg’s got a thing for Crystal. That’s Louisiana’s finest right there! A splash of that goes with anything—you can put it in a sandwich, on some chicken, on top of a pizza. Whatever you add it to, it’s gonna kick it up a notch.

4. Maple Syrup

It wouldn’t be the breakfast of champions without maple syrup. Whether you got some pork on your fork or a stack of pancakes, nothing tops it all off like a stick of butter and some warm maple syrup. Let that Aunt Jemima soak in and then prepare to get your chow on.

5. Soy Sauce

Traveling the world put me on to a lot of fine Asian cuisines—noodles, rices, sushi, and a whole lot more. Nothing goes better with that egg fried rice or sashimi than some soy sauce. You can go ahead and mix it with some of that wasabi, too—just keep that ratio right or your sinuses will be acting crazy!

6. Honey

Ain’t nuthin’ more important to the Top Dogg than his vocal chords, and as a live performer, I gotta keep those in tip-top shape. A couple veterans in the game taught me the key to keeping your vocals right is some fresh honey and warm tea. I’ve kept the honey on deck ever since. I like that raw and unfiltered honey, ’cause I’m raw and unfiltered my damn self!

7. Tuna

Whether you’re mixing it up with some mayo or grilling it in a bomb tuna melt, a can of this stuff will never steer you wrong. I’m also trying to keep my diet right, especially now that I’m going hard in the yard with my gym regimen. Fish is meant to be real good for you, so I get mines from some tuna!

8. Ketchup

I love to get down on the grill, and what barbecue is complete without ketchup? Picture that—burgers, hot dogs, sausages—and no ketchup to smother on top? Just some meat in a dry-ass bun? Nah, not in the Dogg’s household. Keep the ketchup close, and make sure it’s Heinz. Yeah, don’t cheat yourself; treat yourself.

9. Instant Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade mac and cheese is always gonna be the ultimate, but sometimes you need the quick fix. If you ain’t prepared to wait for that made-from-scratch mac to simmer and bake, reach for that Kraft and pull out a pot. Boom, you got some cheesy goodness in a matter of minutes.

10. Pop Tarts

I say they’re for the kids or my grandson when he stops by, but I enjoy one of these toasted treats once in a while. They got every flavor under the sun these days, but I say keep it original and get chocolate fudge. Sometimes you gotta stick with the classics, ya dig?

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For more from Snoop Dogg, get your copy of From Crook to Cook today!

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