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Moleskine® Booklight - Cerulean Blue

Moleskine® Booklight - Cerulean Blue

The Moleskine Booklight, in classic Black, Cadmium
Orange and Cerulean Blue, is USB-rechargeable for
long-lasting light. Thin and flexible in a soft-touch synthetic
material, and with increased luminosity, the booklight
brightens up what you are reading with both light and color.


- invisible light mechanism

- on-off symbol embossed on back

- soft-touch matte plastic

- rechargeable via
USB connection

- 2-LED lighting

- colors available: Black,
Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Orange

- packaging that can be hung

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Publication: July 2012
ISBN: 9788866134688
ISBN10: 8866134686

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