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Your Way to a Calmer, Happier, Stress-Free Life

Quadrille Publishing

By Jean Hall


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Breathing the right way has many benefits including lowering your blood pressure, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation as well as helping you to de-stress. Breathe will teach you some of the simplest methods to increase awareness, mindfulness, and help you regain mental and physical focus. With 24 breath work exercises to improve your wellbeing, it covers the essentials such as the moving breath, mindful breathing, and how to balance the breath. This handy sized book with easy-to- follow techniques and inspirational quotes, will improve the way you breathe and help you to achieve a renewed sense of energy, calm, and clarity of mind.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2016
ISBN: 9781849497749
Jean Hall is one of the UK's most inspiring yoga teachers with a mass of experience gained through years of yoga practice, travel, body work training (including dance), as well as spiritual disciplines. She qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1995 and continues to explore and study different forms of yoga and movement systems. Jean is on the faculty of triyoga's teacher training program.