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Bugs by the Numbers

Bugs by the Numbers

Blue Apple Books

By Sharon Werner,and Sarah Forss

The creators of the award-winning Alphabeasties And Other Amazing Types are back, this time with an amazing array of insects: butterflies to termites, dragonflies to walking sticks. While the 'alphabeasties' were comprised of letters, these incredible insects are ingeniously engineered out of numerals. Each entry also includes fascinating numeric facts about its subject. It's an eye-catching and imaginative look at the insect world.

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Size: 9 x 11-1/2 in;
Pages: 56 pp;
9 die-cut gatefolds, full-color illustrations, ages 6-12
Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2011
ISBN: 9781609050610
ISBN10: 1609050614
Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss are graphic designers at the two-person design studio Werner Design Werks, St. Paul, Minnesota, which has garnered many graphic design awards, as well as a place in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, Muse De La Poste, Muse des Arts Decoratifs, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum. You can visit them online at