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Recipes & Ideas for Sweet-Talking Treats

Quadrille Publishing

By Jenni Powell, By Marianne Stewart, Photographs by Rita Platts


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Everyone speaks emoji, but with this book, Cakemoji, we can now all eat emoji too. Over 50% of all sentences currently posted on Instagram contain an emoji; it is the world's fastest-growing language with the visual icons set to become the lead characters in an animated movie currently in production at Sony Pictures. Cakemoji will bring your favorite emojis to life, in cake or cookie form. This fun recipe book includes clear instructions for the basic recipes, as well as all the essential techniques and full step-by-step photographs, to guide you through decorating your cakes and cookies and giving them a personality.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2016
ISBN: 9781849497909
Jenni Powell is a 26-year-old cake designer, who has built up a reputation for colorful and creative cakes with her business Two Little Cats Bakery. Since founding Two Little Cats, she has created tens of thousands of cakes and cupcakes for clients, who include Cosmopolitan magazine, Sony Music, and Spotify. Her cakes are frequently featured in the media, online, in print, and on television, both nationally and internationally.

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