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Recipes from a Mexican Kitchen

By Paul Wilson


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Cantina is a feast for the senses! It explores the inventive, fresh recipes and food traditions of Mexico, Spain and Latin America. With a firm focus on achievable recipes and bold flavors, the book is a comprehensive look at this popular cuisine. Cantina is divided into nine chapters — Sauces & Condiments; Street Food; Soups & Fragrant Stews; Salads & Ceviches; Fish & Shellfish; Meat & Wood Barbecue; Rice, Beans & Vegetables; Desserts; and Drinks — and features 150 delicious recipes, such as lamb empanadas, corn & quinoa salad, guacamole with native lime salsa, and reef fish 'Veracruz' style.

Anthony Bourdain
"Mexico has the most misunderstood, underrated, underrepresented cuisine on earth. It is far, far older, deeper, richer and more sophisticated than most who claim to love it know. It's a large and varied, distinctly regional cuisine—like China or Italy have —and right now, one of the fastest growing, most exciting and progressive areas of the modern food scene. It's where the action is. Paul Wilson brings it all home. Brilliantly. A little time, a little love, you too can get it right."

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: November 2014
ISBN: 9781742703992