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Capturing the World

Capturing the World

Stories, Tips and Secrets from a Lifetime of Travel Photography

Hardie Grant Books

By Nick Rains


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A guide to taking remarkable travel photographs by an award-winning photographer.

This is not your regular photography tips book – this is about how to take the best photos in real-world situations. Having been a professional photographer for the last 30 years, Nick has taken every genre of travel photo, from people and architecture, to landscapes and nature. Nick takes you through the process of taking a successful travel photo from beginning to end, using his own spectacular images as examples. These examples demonstrate how it's not just about technical skill; the best photographers put huge effort into getting themselves into a position where the potential for great images is maximized, including researching, planning where to be and when, and thinking about potential shots in advance. This gloriously illustrated book will show you how to take your best travel photos – and capture your world through your lens!

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2016
ISBN: 9781741175042
NICK RAINS has been a professional travel photographer for over 30 years, crisscrossing the globe on assignments for many book and calendar publishers.

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