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Cartoon Modern

Cartoon Modern

Style and Design in Fifties Animation

By Amid Amidi


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Between the classic films of Walt Disney in the 1940s and the televised cartoon revolution of the 1960s was a critical period in the history of animation. Amid Amidi, of the influential Animation Blast magazine and CartoonBrew blog, charts the evolution of the modern style in animation, which largely discarded the "lifelike" aesthetic for a more graphic and often abstract approach. Abundantly found in commercials, industrial and educational films, fair and expo infotainment, and more, this quickly popular cartoon modernism shared much with the painting and graphic design movements of the era. Showcasing hundreds of rare and forgotten sketches, model boards, cels, and film stills, Cartoon Modern is a thoroughly researched, eye-popping, and delightful account of a vital decade of animation design.

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Size: 11 x 8-1/2 in;
Pages: 192 pp;
250 color and B/W illustrations
Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2006
ISBN: 9780811847315
ISBN10: 811847314
Amid Amidi is the publisher and editor of the magazine Animation Blast and cofounder of the popular animation blog In addition to writing, Amidi works in the animation industry. The author of The Art of Robots (0-8118-4549-4), he lives in Los Angeles.