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Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self

By Rod Judkins


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It is a common belief that creativity is something you are born with, and others can only envy. Most creative people are, in fact, just as ordinary as the rest of us. What they have is a belief in themselves, and this is a skill that everyone can learn.

In Change Your Mind, Rod Judkins reveals the 57 habits of some of the world's most creative people. From the Beatles to Einstein, Charles Dickens to Damien Hirst, you will learn how to unlock the creativity lurking within. Nuggets of wisdom include the importance of focus, why you should never wait for inspiration to strike, and how you should always turn a failure into a success.

Whether you're trying to start your own business, write music, come up with new ideas at work or just change your way of looking at the world, Change Your Mind will do just that. With real-life insights into the minds of writers, artists and musicians, from Picasso to Paul McCartney, Change Your Mind will unlock the creative genius you always knew you were.

Sample text:

1. You are what you think you are

"We must hold enormous faith in ourselves" Giorgio de Chirico

-Creative people are not especially creative.
-My work in the creative industries has introduced me to many great writers, artists and musicians. I have seen that they do not contain a bigger bank of creativity than anyone else.
-The gift that creative people have is that they believe they are creative, and because they think they are creative, they are creative.
-Many of these people lack traditional artistic abilities (Bacon couldn't draw, so he didn't; Warhol couldn't paint, so he didn't) but that doesn't stop them from thinking of themselves as creative.
-The power of our minds is indisputable. Drug addicts take placebos and feel no withdrawal symptoms. Allergy sufferers sneeze at plastic flowers.
-Creative people live creative lives because they think of themselves as creative.
-When Picasso was three or four he was no more or less creative than any other child. The difference was that he never stopped thinking of himself as creative. He was encouraged by his artist father to believe that he was.
-Whatever you think you are is what you will be.
-Successful creative people like Beethoven, Picasso and Dickens always thought their work was great. Even when they were young and their work in its infancy, they had belief in themselves that they were the best.
-This self-belief accounts for 90 per cent of the reason why they became the best.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2013
ISBN: 9781742705576