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¿Como te llamas?

¿Como te llamas?

Everyday Llamas You Might Know

By Kristin Llamas


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Artist Kristin Llamas (her real name) has been drawing adorably odd portraits of llamas for years. Inspired by a name and her affection for these delightfully expressive animals, she creates detailed, personality-rich portraits in her realistic and humorous black-and-white style. The results are charming and funny, raising the question, which llama are you? Some mornings are Claire mornings. Allyn, we know just how you feel.... This smile of a gift book collects 60 of Llamas's most amusing and endearing portraits, pairing them with biographical quips and jewel-tone color washes to capture these llamas' quirky inner lives, and our own.

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Size: 128 in;
Pages: 5 x 7 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2019
ISBN: 9781452177779
Kristin Llamas creates project-based work ranging in scale from digital drawings to large paintings to street-art installations. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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