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Decoding 2012

Decoding 2012

Doom, Destiny, or Just Another Day?

By Melissa Rossi,Introduction by Bruce Scofield

December 21st, 2012. Will it be the end of the world? A new dawn for human civilization? Or are the predictions and prophecies all based on a series of misinterpretations, coincidences, and elaborate hoaxes? In this illustrated and comprehensive look at the science, history, legends, and recent discoveries surrounding the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, author Melissa Rossi unravels fact from fiction in an effort to determine what's actually in store for humanity. Featuring an introduction by scholar Bruce Scofield, this is an invaluable handbook for anyone who has ever been fascinated by (or afraid of) the mystery of 2012.

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Size: 5 x 7 in;
Pages: 156 pp;
2-color illustrations throughout
Format: Paperback
Publication: September 2010
ISBN: 9780811873277
ISBN10: 811873277
Melissa Rossi has been published in a variety of magazines and is the author of the What Every American Should Know series.

Bruce Scofield teaches geoscience at University of Massachusetts and is an expert on the Maya.