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Designer's Guide to Color 1

Designer's Guide to Color 1


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With over 1000 color combinations, this remarkable book assists with color choice in several important ways: it takes the guesswork out of putting colors together by showing in advance what they will look like; innovative color schemes provide new ideas; tint percentages for every color insure correct reproduction. This book is meant primarily as a professional tool for anyone associated with design or the design process. Because of the inclusion of screen values of the four process colors, this book will make perhaps its greatest contribution to those who realize their design through some printed process—graphic designers, certainly; also environmental designers, advertising and package designers and probably some members of architectural firms who become involved in printed media. In a much broader sense, the book has real value to anyone who needs to confirm color suggestions and examples presented in a straightforward, pure and neutral way.

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Size: 6 x 8-1/2 in;
Format: Paperback
Publication: October 2006
ISBN: 9780811857048
ISBN10: 811857042

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