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Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Laurence King Publishing

By Nick Dunn


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With the increasing sophistication of CAD and other
design soft ware, there is now a wide array of means
for both designing and fabricating architecture and its
components. The proliferation of advanced modeling
soft ware and hardware has enabled architects and
students to conceive and create designs that would be
very difficult to do using more traditional methods.
This book focuses on the inspiring possibilities for
architecture that can be achieved with all the diff erent
technologies and techniques available for making
complete designs or their components.

• Comprehensive coverage of the latest technological
developments in this fast-moving area

• Clear step-by-step examples take the reader through both
digital and hybrid analogue-digital techniques

• Innovative case studies demonstrate cutting-edge practice
from both major international offices and emergent firms

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Size: 8 1 ⁄2 × 11 in in;
Pages: 192 pp, 640 color illustrations pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: September 2012
ISBN: 9781856698917
ISBN10: 1856698912
Nick Dunn is a Principal Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture. His primary research interests are in the fields of visualization, modelling, mapping, representation in architecture, infrastructure, and urbanism. His publications include Architectural Modelmaking (Laurence King 2010) and the co-authored Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City (Ashgate 2011).

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