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Do You Really Want to Meet Apatosaurus?

Do You Really Want to Meet Apatosaurus?

Amicus Ink

By Annette Bay Pimentel, Illustrated by Daniele Fabbri


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New titles in our popular animal series introduce young readers to five dinosaur species plus a family of flying prehistoric reptiles (the Pterosaurs). In each book, a child explorer travels back in time to meet these incredible animals and shares his or her experiences, which are based on fossil finds. Delightful illustrations and carefully crafted text help the stories come alive, making these books both educational and entertaining. A young child adventures back in time to 150 million years ago to meet an Apatosaurus, learning what this dinosaur ate, its size, and about its babies. This illustrated narrative nonfiction title includes a map of fossil findings, glossary, and further resources.

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Age Range:?6 - 9 years
Format: Paperback
Publication: August 2017
ISBN: 9781681521374