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Donogoo-Tonka or the Miracles of Science

Donogoo-Tonka or the Miracles of Science

A Cinematographic Tale
Princeton Architectural Press

By Jules Romains,Translated by Brian Evenson,Afterword by Joan Ockman


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Donogoo-Tonka or The Miracles of Science: A Cinematographic Tale is a mock film scenario written by the French novelist Jules Romains. It was first published in book form in 1920, and has never been translated into English. The satirical plot concerns a famous geographer whose academic career is about to be derailed by the revelation that he has invented a city in South America. Through a hilarious sequence of events, a suicidal young man finds a new mission in life by undertaking to found the fictional city, thereby redeeming the error and reputation of the absentminded professor.

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Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 in;
Pages: 80 pp;
20 color and 20 b/w images
Format: Hardcover
Publication: January 2009
ISBN: 9781568987804
ISBN10: 1568987803
Jules Romains (1885-1972) was a French novelist, dramatist, and poet.