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Eat This, My Friend

Eat This, My Friend

By Jade O'Donahoo


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A collection of hand-lettered and hand-illustrated recipes for everyday accessible vegetarian eating.

Eat This, My Friend is a collection of recipes for the foodie-to-be. As the market become saturated with artfully shot star-chef recipes books, O'Donahoo's mission is to offer what she calls a moment of authenticity and calm. Eat This, My Friend is a compendium of hand-lettered and hand-illustrated recipes, all created by O'Donahoo. The 60 recipes are presented across five chapters (breakfast and brunch, lunch, sides, dinner, and sweets). All are meat free and represent the way O'Donahoo likes to cook and eat; prioritizing vegetables, using wholefoods, and avoiding refined sugar, without the need for searching high and low for obscure ingredients. It is simple food that nourishes you and tastes great.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781743792087
Jade O'Donahoo originally began recording her recipes in a little A5-size book as a result of a promise made to her favorite customer at her Melbourne café. As the collection grew, she recognized that she had something special on her hands, something that she would like to share with a wider audience. Jade has a blog, Eat This My Friend, and is also now studying to be a teacher.