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Eco Fashion

Eco Fashion

Laurence King Publishing

By Sass Brown


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This book looks at one of the strongest trends in fashion, towards the production of desirable and well-designedapparel and accessories with a conscience. Eco Fashion shows the range of sustainable and ethical products available around the globe and explains the stories behind them, as well as showing how and where they make a difference.

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Size: 7-3/4 x 11 in;
Pages: 208 pp;
282 color illustrations
Format: Paperback
Publication: September 2010
ISBN: 9781856696913
ISBN10: 185669691X
Originally from London, England, Sass Brown is a full-time professor in the Fashion Design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has worked with women's cooperatives in Latin America, most notably COOPA-ROCA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.