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First Peoples: Nez Perce

First Peoples: Nez Perce

The Creative Company

By Valerie Bodden


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Prior to the arrival of Europeans, numerous native peoples thrived across North America. Providing an overview of daily life and culture, this new series introduces six First Peoples. Approachable text examines each group's community structure, significant ceremonies, and traditions, as well as their relationship with European settlers and forced relocation onto reservations. With a focus on the tribe's way of life, each title also includes a traditional story and tells how the people work to keep the traditions of their ancestors alive today. An introduction to the Nez Perce lifestyle and history, including their forced relocation and how they keep traditions alive today. A Nez Perce story recounts how different tribes came to exist.

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Pages: 24 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: February 2018
ISBN: 9781628325218