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Forever Chic

Forever Chic

Must-Have Tips on Beauty and Style

Quadrille Publishing

By Caroline Cox


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Where are the style guides for glamorous older women? Where are the guides for the woman who wants to age with cocktail in hand, surrounded by admirers, rather than stretched out at a clinic with her face being stitched into a desperate rictus grin? In her inimitable style (aided by the wise words of her ageless Hollywood heroines), Caroline Cox provides a book chock full of tips, hints, beauty, and fashion advice. This meticulously researched, entertaining, and indispensable book will teach you to reclaim the spotlight, look good no matter what your body shape and be the glamorous grown-up you are. You will be exhorted to "Hold the Botox!" because a series of make-up tricks will make you look younger in minutes—without the need for anesthetic.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: February 2016
ISBN: 9781849497480
Caroline Cox is an international authority on fashion history and modern hair and beauty trends. She also works as a cultural trend advisor for Vidal Sassoon. Her books have been published internationally and include Hair and Fashion (V&A), Vintage Shoes and How to Be Adored (Collins Design), Luxury Fashion (Bloomsbury) and Luxe Fashion (Running Press).