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Fredericks & Mae Animal Masks: Twelve Notecards

Fredericks & Mae Animal Masks: Twelve Notecards

Princeton Architectural Press

By Fredericks and Mae


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There's more to these notecards than meets the eye: each card features a die-cut shape that transforms it into a striking animal mask. Whether a fashion statement, wall decoration, party gift, or clever note to a friend, expect these cards to make a strong impression. A brief history of animal masks and information about the artists—popular Brooklyn-based design team Fredericks & Mae, known for their colorful art objects—are included.

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Format: Notecards
Publication: September 2015
ISBN: 9781616893675
Fredericks & Mae are a design team based in Brooklyn, known for their handcrafted products that often transform children's games and backyard activities into beautiful works of art.

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