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Fridge Cakes

Fridge Cakes

By Jean-Luc Sady, By Anna Helm-Baxter


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Delicious recipes for fuss-free chilled desserts.

The perfect treat for the warmer months, Fridge Cakes are simple to make, adaptable to whatever is in the cupboard, and no oven (and therefore no cooking skills) required. In this book, Jean-Luc Sady shares over 30 ingenious recipes that are simple to make but taste amazing. There's a zesty chocolate orange, a decadent choco-fudge, and a summery mango and passionfruit.

With chapters dedicated to fruity, chocolate, and extra creamy, you will have a fridge cake ready to make for pretty much any occasion. And best of all, most of the recipes take just 25 minutes to pull together (plus freezing time).

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781784880859
Jean-Luc Sady is a food stylist and recipe writer who has written several books in his native France.