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From El Greco to Goya - Painting in Spain, 1561–1828

From El Greco to Goya - Painting in Spain, 1561–1828

Laurence King Publishing

By Janis Tomlinson


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This book covers 250 years of painting in Spain starting
with works created at the splendid sixteenth-century
court of Philip II to those produced at the Hapsburg
and Bourbon courts of Madrid, and in the cities of
Seville, Valencia, and Toledo. Th e result was an art of
extraordinary stature and international scope.
With the aid of 116 illustrations, most in color, Janis
Tomlinson traces the myriad influences reflected in
the paintings of generations of artists from Sofonisba
Anguissola, El Greco, Velásquez, and Zubarán to the
unique accomplishment of Francisco Goya.

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Size: 6 1⁄2 × 9 1 ⁄4 in, 116 illustrations, 108 in color in;
Pages: 176 pp pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: July 2012
ISBN: 9781780670287
ISBN10: 1780670281
Janis Tomlinson is Director of University Museums at the University of Delaware. She is the author of numerous articles, exhibition reviews, and books among them Francisco Goya y Lucientes, 1746- 1828 and Goya in the Twilight of Enlightenment.