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Frozen Music

Frozen Music

Princeton Architectural Press

By Gil Garcetti


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In this limited collector edition folio, Gil Garcetti's interpretive photographs of the steel skin of the Walt Disney Concert Hall evoke the mystery, fluidity, texture, and form of Frank O. Gehry's lyrical architecture. Garcetti observes, "The way the light hits the building makes it feel as if it is exploding. I found that the way the light looked could change literally in seconds."
A natural sequel to Iron, Garcetti's book of construction photographs, Frozen Music is an essay in subtle modulations of tone. Garcetti's work has garnered positive reviews from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Kennerly; Getty Museum curator of photographs Weston Naef; and architectural photographer Julius Shulman. The photographs in this book are meticulously reproduced in black and white duotone and debossed on luxurious paper removable for framing. They will be the subject of an exhibit at the National Building Museum, in Washington D.C., in spring 2004.

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Size: 16 x 14 in;
Pages: 96 pp;
45 duotone images
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2004
ISBN: 9781890449278
ISBN10: 189044927X