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GAMAGO Yeti & Friends Place Mat

GAMAGO Yeti & Friends Place Mat

48 Tear-Off Doodle Place Mats for Table-Time, Play-Time Fun!


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Time at the table is time to be creative with these GAMAGO place mats! Characters from the exciting world of GAMAGO adorn the 48 place mats, each staged in intriguing, laughable, and quirky situations. Kids—and kids at heart—will love filling in the place mats and adding to the scenario with doodles and characters of their own!

® & © 2013 GAMAGO

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Size: 12 x 10 in;
48 sheets, two-color illustrations throughout, Ages 3 and up
Format: PAD
Publication: August 2013
ISBN: 9781452111599
ISBN10: 1452111596
GAMAGO is a design company based in San Francisco, California, guided by founders Greg Long and Chris Edmundson. The company’s popular products include the Flipper Guitar Spatula, the Buddha Butter Dish, the SwitchPop, Fingerstache Tattoos, the Karate Chopper, and the HipHopsicles.

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