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Ghost Story Box

Ghost Story Box

Create Your Own Spooky Tales

Laurence King Publishing

Created by Magma, Illustrated by Ella Bailey


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Create your own spooky tales – based on a unique and original format, this game contains 20 story-telling puzzle pieces printed on both sides. Each piece can be interchanged or flipped over to allow for all kinds of plot twists and turns, and there are even two alternative endings! When all the puzzle pieces are used, they stretch out to over 8-feet long to tell your own mega ghost story!

Can you help a friendly family of ghosts save their house? Can you evade the ghost catcher at the funfair and release all the captured ghosts ... or do the cards hold another tale? Tell a different story each time you play!

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Age Range:?3 - 5 years
Format: Miscellaneous
Publication: September 2017
ISBN: 9781786270122
Ella Bailey is an illustrator based in Nottingham, UK. She has taken on projects for Flying Eye Books, Nobrow Press, and Simon & Schuster.