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Grill Smoke BBQ

Grill Smoke BBQ

By Ben Tish, Photographs by Kris Kirkham


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There's so much more to barbecues than sausages and burgers. Chef Ben Tish excels in creating stunning grilled, barbecued, smoked, charred, and slowroasted dishes that enhance the flavor of meat, fish, and vegetables.

You can make fantastic food on a barbecue be it in your backyard, on a tiny urban balcony, or on a campsite. All you need is the simplest barbecue with a lid and some charcoal, and you can make everything from pizza to ribs and even desserts.

There's no need to wait for summer to get the barbecue out. The smoky, rich taste of food cooked over an open fire is one of life's true pleasures and these recipes will inspire you to use your barbecue for much, much more than steak.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781849497152
Ben Tish is one of the UK's leading chefs and barbecue restauranteurs. He is Chef Director of the Salt Yard Group which comprises four London restaurants, all specializing in a rare mix of food and wine from both Spain and Italy. Prior to joining Salt Yard, Ben spent much of his career working with Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton. Ben has appeared on the Food Network and Masterchef UK among other cooking shows.