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Hattie Stewart's Doodlebomb Sticker Book

Hattie Stewart's Doodlebomb Sticker Book

Laurence King Publishing

Illustrated by Hattie Stewart


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Super-cool sticker book from Doodlebomber extraordinaire Hattie Stewart. Doodlebomb your world with over 1000 fully peelable stickers. Use the Doodlebomb stickers to transform any image: photos, posters or journals, magazines or book covers. Move over doodling, it's time for Doodlebombing!

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Format: Stickers
Publication: September 2017
ISBN: 9781786270009
Hattie Stewart is a London-based illustrator whose "doodlebombing" technique has appeared on the covers of Sunday Times Style, GQ Style, and Stylist magazines.

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