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Jewish Vegetarian Cooking

Quadrille Publishing

By Paola Gavin


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Jewish culinary heritage stems from hundreds of years of migration. Dishes were adapted to fit unique dietary customs and laws, and as a result, Jewish food today embraces a vast variety of cuisines and cooking styles. Through 150 recipes Paola Gavin leads us from Israel through Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Italy and beyond, examining the subtle differences and genesis of the dishes of these regions. With colorful food photography and a meticulously researched narrative, Jewish Vegetarian Cookery is sure to become a classic in cookbook writing.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2017
ISBN: 9781787130425
Acclaimed food writer Paola Gavin has previously published three books: Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking, Italian Vegetarian Cooking, and French Vegetarian Cooking.