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Moleskine® Highlighter Pencil Set

Moleskine® Highlighter Pencil Set


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Set of two fluorescent colored lead pencils made of linden wood, plus a sharpener and a special cap. Ideal for coloring, underlining and highlighting, they are pleasant to the touch and easy to draw with.
Their ergonomic rectangular shape echoes the design of the notebook, while the sharpener is designed especially for the pencils in the Writing Collection.


- Rectangular linden wood body

- High-quality orange and yellow fluorescent lead (3.8 mm)

- Matte black finish on shaft with orange/yellow base

- Black ABS cap with lacquered steel clip to attach pencil to notebook, especially conceived for hard cover

- Hangable packaging

- 24 eye-catching adhesive labels to personalize cap


- Designed for Moleskine pencils

- ABS matte black finish

- High-quality German blade

- 12.5 mm opening

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Publication: March 2012
ISBN: 9788866132974

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