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Hong Kong Precincts

Hong Kong Precincts

By Penny Watson


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Discover Hong Kong's very best shopping, eating and drinking experiences with this curated guide suited to a variety of budgets and preferences.

Hong Kong is an eclectic city where travellers can revel in a cross-section of experiences, from markets that sell everything including pigs ears and plastic toys, to modern bars and eateries with delicious cocktails and world-class cuisine. Hong Kong Precincts is divided into 15 precincts (including Macau), with a chapter covering each, featuring the very best of Hong Kong's shopping, eating and drinking experiences. Interviews with Hongkongers who represent the city's creative community highlight favorite haunts, and additional information at the front and back offers expert travel tips. Precinct maps make this a handy guidebook, while the hardback cover creates a beautiful keepsake.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781741174694
Penny Watson is a journalist from Melbourne, Australia, with a serious case of wanderlust. She has traveled the world, written articles for magazines and researched countless guidebooks. Since immersing herself in the world of full-time travel writing, she has lived in London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.