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Moments of Inspiration in a Challenging World

By Tim Costello


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Stories are a way we can make sense of experience and in a world that is full of dramatic and soul-searching events, Tim Costello reveals the stories of hope he has encountered in the most dramatic of circumstances. A book that reminds us all that there are so many that suffer yet still find hope. Hope can be found in the smallest of moments. A book to savor and to bring home the importance of love, life and the best that there is to be found in people. A wonderful celebration of humanity. This gift book will be a gift of HOPE.

"Essentially, I am a hopeful person who believes that life can and does have a way of giving us the impetus to keep going in hard times, and to keep working for what might otherwise seem like a 'hopeless' cause." - Tim Costello

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: January 2013
ISBN: 9781742703756