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I Spy in the Ocean

I Spy in the Ocean

By Damon Burnard,Illustrated by Julia Cairns


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In this playful rendition of the traditional game of "I Spy," very young readers will meet a menagerie of their favorite animals. Turn the pages of I Spy in the Jungle and see if you can spy lions and great, big gorillas lurking among the trees. Then, strap on your flippers and go under the sea where angelfish swim and sharks dive between the pages of I Spy in the Ocean. Bright, lush illustrations accompany these fun board books that are perfect for nature lovers of all ages!

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Size: 6 x 6 in;
Pages: 24 pp;
Ages 2-5
Format: Hardcover
Publication: June 2001
ISBN: 9780811829885
ISBN10: 081182988X
Damon Burnard has written and illustrated several childrens book. Born in England, he now lives in Boston. Julia Cairns is originally from England. She lived in Africa and currently lives in California.

Julia Cairns is from England and lived in East Africa. She now lives in Northern California.