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If Cars Could Talk

If Cars Could Talk

William Fain


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IF CARS COULD TALK examines urban environments, how they are born, change, and die, and offers fresh approaches to unlocking our cities’ great potential. More than half of the world’s population lives in a city and that number stands to increase. Crafted with the tools gleaned during the author’s 40 years of working as an urban designer around the world, Fain’s message could not be more timely.

More than a mere urban fix-it book, If Cars Could Talk presents a call to action to city builders everywhere that major issues threaten our cities and failure to confront them will diminish the quality of life for a majority of the human population. This collection of hard-hitting, focused essays advances the understanding of the importance of community participation, sustainability, and the creation of rich urban neighborhoods. A must-read for city-lovers, professional and amateur alike.

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Publication: July 2012
ISBN: 9781890449582
ISBN10: 189044958X