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The Home Since 1700
Laurence King Publishing

By Steven Parissien

The development of the domestic interior is a history of consumption and taste. In this book, for the first time, this story is set against the cultural and industrial changes taking place in the western world since the seventeenth century.

Unlike almost all previous histories, this book does not deal exclusively with the grand houses of the aristocracy: Steven Parissien's masterly text concentrates rather on the homes of the merchants and middle classes, who have been the first to take advantage of new technologies to furnish and decorate their homes.

Fully illustrated with contemporary plates from catalogs and books, as well as paintings and photography, this beautiful book traces a constantly absorbing and often surprising story, as it took place all over Western Europe and North America. Ideal for all students of and enthusiasts for the domestic interior and period settings. Steven Parissien's strongly narrative text explains not simply what happened, but why.

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Size: 9 x 9-3/4 in;
Pages: 304 pp;
400 illustrations, 300 in color
Format: Paperback
Publication: January 2009
ISBN: 9781856695381
ISBN10: 1856695387
Dr. Steven Parissien is Director of Education at the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment. He has written extensively on architectural and cultural history and on architectural conservation. His 1992 book Adam Style was Apollo magazine's Book of the Year for 1992 and the American Institute of Architects' Book of the Year Choice for 1993. His most recent books are King George IV: Inspiration for the Regency (2002), and Transport Architecture in the 20th Century (jointly edited with Julian Holder, 2004).