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Is Your Straight Man Gay Enough?

Is Your Straight Man Gay Enough?

The Ultimate Renovation Guide
Tips from a Girl in Distress and Her Gay Best Friend

By Nan Shipley,and Jason Anthony


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If Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has taught us anything, it's that women everywhere want their men to be a little more gay. Alas, the fab five can't knock down every man's door, and most women fear that the road from beer-swilling schlub to gallery-hopping Valentino is just too long and winding (and ladies, you know he won't ask for directions). Is Your Straight Man Gay Enough? is here to help. Nan Shipley and her gay best friend Jason Anthony take on straight-guy habits (crotch-scratching and air guitar), straight-guy style (he thinks dressing well means extra Thousand Island), and straight-guy home decor (Pleather and milk crates). Quick questionnaires identify problem areas, and straightforward advice helps women renovate their men. He can be more Sample Sale Saturday than Superbowl Sunday. He can cry at weddings and be nice to old ladies. He can trim his nose hairs, and still fix your leaky faucet. In short, he can be a little gay, all man, and a lot of fun.

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Size: 5-1/2 x 8 in;
Pages: 176 pp;
65 line drawings
Format: Paperback
Publication: November 2004
ISBN: 9780811845106
ISBN10: 811845109
Nan Shipley is a New York-based literary scout married to a man who traded in ESPN for the Food Network, thanks to the help of Jason, Nan's gay best friend.

Jason Anthony has worked extensively in the film industry and has been Nan's best friend since they were both twelve years old. He lives in New York.