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Japanese Bar Food

Edited by Hardie Grant Books


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Walk beneath the paper lantern, pull back the half curtain, and enter a world that suddenly feels like the real Japan. The traditional izakaya - a Japanese tavern where simple and delicious food is every bit as important as the drinks - comes to life in this beautiful cookbook. It's relaxed, welcoming, and not bound by dizzying rules of etiquette; the food comes in small serves designed to be shared between friends while chatting about work, family and life.

Feast on small plates, salads, skewers, sharing plates, and sweets, all the best morsels on offer. There are classic Japanese dishes, like Sashimi, Yakitori (grilled skewers) and Agedashi tofu, and Japanese interpretations of Western dishes, such as Korokke (croquettes) or Potato salad in mayonnaise. Ingredients like cheese, butter, and bacon sit comfortably alongside miso, soba noodles, and nori. Try your hand at tempura cheese-stuffed chilies, beef teriyaki, pork and cabbage gyoza, or grilled eggplant with soy and ginger. Enjoy the white peach strudel, sake and melon granita, nashi poached in plum wine, or chocolate truffles with soy bean powder.

Like Japanese food in general, this collection of over 70 classic izakaya recipes is guided by the principles of direct flavors, quality ingredients, and pleasing presentation. You won't need oodles of ingredients to cook these dishes, or a whole kitchen worth of equipment and utensils. Just get out your wok, dust off your grill plate, arm yourself with some miso and sake, and discover the exciting world of izakaya-style cooking.

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Format: Paperback
Publication: October 2015
ISBN: 9781742700427