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Kitchen Centric

Kitchen Centric

Balcony Press

By Mick De Giulio,with Karen Klages Grace


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Kitchen Centric puts a new spin on the typical kitchen design book by offering readers a book that is part art book, part fantasy, and part field guide. Internationally known kitchen designer Mick De Giulio takes readers on a guided tour through eighteen of his favorite kitchen projects in urban lofts, suburban homes, manor houses, mountain retreats, and an early twentieth-century barn. Delicious photographs roll through these kitchens, one after the next, like short films. Words are few, but critical if a bit quirky, like excerpts from De Giulio's own designer's journal. He takes his audience behind the scenes, explaining his challenges, his thinking, his choices, his process, and ultimately, his belief that kitchens are more central to American homes than ever before.

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Size: 11 x 11 in;
Pages: 256 pp;
250 color images
Format: Hardcover
Publication: June 2010
ISBN: 9781890449544
ISBN10: 1890449547