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Know Your Style

Know Your Style

Mix It, Match It, Love It

Hardie Grant Books

By Alyson Walsh


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The biggest fashion conundrum is 'what goes with what?' What kind of jewelry goes with certain outfits, what are the best colors to coordinate, what combinations should be avoided, what shoes should be worn with different pant styles, what's in fashion, and does it really matter? Creatively covering a range of outfits, trends, style icons and designs, Know Your Style offers original ways to wear clothes and fresh styling ideas for women of all ages.

Style maven Alyson Walsh offers simple style formula's and playful advice to ensure that no matter what you're wearing, you always look perfectly put together. Chapters cover workwear, weekend wear, layering, tailoring and special events, preparing you for any fashion occasion. Interviews with iconic, creative women take the reader through their favorite outfits in detail and give tips on honing personal style.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2017
ISBN: 9781784881184
Alyson Walsh is a freelance journalist and former fashion editor at Good Housekeeping, a regular feature writer for the Guardian and Financial Times 'How To Spend It'. She is also the author of the book Style Forever and the successful style blog That's Not My Age.

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